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Name: Christine

Nickname: Tin / Tin-tin / Tin-tin-tin / Tin-tin-tin-tin / Tintintintintintin

Birthday: August 9th

Gender:  Female

Sexuality: potato

Height: 5’

Time Zone: GMT +8

What time and date is it there: Sept 1, 8:32 PM

Average hours of sleep I get each night: 3-8 hours. depends on my insomnia

The last thing I Googled: lighting maya

My most used phrase(s): dang yo

First word that comes to mind: comics

What I last said to a family member: ”Walkthrough! Walkthrough!Walkthrough!.” my sister is playing metal gear 4 and she’s stuck against Vamp

One place that makes me happy & why: my room

How many blankets you sleep under: 1

Favorite beverage(s): juice (mango,dalandan,calamansi, strawberry), nestle chuckie, milo, coffee w/ lots of sugar, yakult yakult everyday,everyday uke, water

The last movie I watched in the cinema: httyd

Three things I can’t live without: money, computer,internet

Something I plan on learning: aikido

A piece of advice for all my followers:  potato is forever

You all have to listen to this song: 200% - Akdong Musician

My blog(s): this one and an old wordpress blog that i abandoned

I’m tagging: dapacchicode pickletea hana-tox blendmocha himechan02

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pickletea replied to your post “You’re going to cosmania?!? I’m going too QAQ”

asgfdafd i wanna go to cosmania even more now *A*



i don’t read “uwu” as a smiley face in my head i read it as “ooo woo”


ayyy but you’re anon so i dunno how i’ll meet u

Anonymous: You're going to cosmania?!? I'm going too QAQ

ayyy i always go to cosmania~ because reika and kaname

hmmm maybe i should group cos haikyuu with my sis and friends \(* v *)/



Now that’s just baiting the fans.
Tagging mybangsareblonde…

those two… i swear to god… XD
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